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Marketing Your Business With WUVR

- Key 35 to 64 year old listener demographic - the highest spending age range. Home owners, small business owners, heads of household, decision makers. These are WUVR's listeners.

- Key Region - WUVR's signals cover the entire Upper Valley Region including the dense population of hub of Leb/Hanover/WRJ, along with audiences from Bradford, VT to Newport, NH.

Affordability - All radio doesn't cost the same, and effective marketing isn't gauged solely by the cost of investment. WUVR is effective, affordable, and works to target your specific clientele/customer base to significantly bolster your branding message to our listeners with the power of repetition, consistency and demographic targeting.

Locally Focused - WUVR recognizes and embraces the local community, offering 24/7 updates on news, events, and all relevant matters to the workers and residents of the Upper Valley. With local programming, news, and postings, WUVR is committed to the Upper Valley Region, and listeners tune in for information they cannot receive anywhere else.

For client testimonials, and endorsements, please visit my LinkedIn page, by clicking the LinkedIn icon at the top of the page.

WUVR is a forerunner in radio technology. Utilizing today's modern technology, WUVR continues to push the boundries of current day listening means.


Contact General Manager, Matt Cross, for a conversation to see if talk radio is right for you.

Cell: 617.999.2430

Office: 603.448.0500

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